Get away to create success

It’s not easy to align teams. Even more so when your company has to make difficult strategic decisions or plan for the future.

With business changing at the speed of light and a new year upon us, it’s more important than ever to carve out time to plan and prioritize. That means leaving your desk, your office and even your conference room behind to focus your team without distractions.

Here are some tips to help your team create success:

  • Get out of your office. Don’t make your strategy session just another meeting. Find a convenient and comfortable off-site location for a clear mind and change of scenery.
  • Be prepared. Know what you want to achieve and create an agenda that focuses on your goals.
  • Hire a facilitator. An executive coach or accomplished facilitator can help to move the meeting along without knowing the personalities or issues that can get in the way of success.
  • Break the ice. Start your session with an exercise or fun game to get the juices flowing.
  • Feed them well. No one can think clearly without proper nourishment.
  • Take good notes. Don’t just brainstorm and call it a day. A good strategy meeting identifies next steps, who’s responsible for implementing them and any deadlines.

At the Vascore Training & Education Center, we believe in the power of people to solve problems. We offer a unique meeting place that’s ideal for small groups with built-in technology and spaces to take a break. Let VTEC play an important part in defining your company’s future.

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