Vascular Imaging Training

Taking the time to provide hands-on training at the initiation of a clinical trial will ensure quality image results across multiple investigative sites, which ultimately results in improved data, reduced repeated exams, and lower expense. We provide customized training for technologists, physician investigators, and clinical trial sponsors, which is designed to match the specific imaging requirements for clinical trials. VTEC features the latest imaging and classroom technology for the training of clinical trial sponsors, technologists and physician investigators.

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  • VTEC is able to partner with Massachusetts General Hospital and other local healthcare institutions to optimize training and trial strategizing in a modern, efficient environment. 

  • Our exam rooms feature the latest ultrasound imaging technology, real-time video communication between classroom and exam rooms, and remote video conferencing.

  • VTEC is a division of the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO). Through this partnership, world-class expertise and tailored services are easily within reach through VTEC and its local medical and academic partners.

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We wish more companies would send us to such trainings because this helps to improve the quality of the data and we really appreciate the opportunity to discuss issues face-to-face.

Vascular Technologist Trainee